About Fortune Exim

The world around us has changed gradually over the years creating opportunities for people with diverse ideas who want to try something unique apart from their regular job. With a massive improvement in communication between people and their willingness to bring their ideas together has opened up never ending possibilities. Fortune Exim’s also believes in association with people to create and fulfil ideas. Our journey in 2015 with this wisdom and now we are associated with more than 350 families through our prime business named Archer International as “Internet Service Provider”.

Fortune Exim is not only the name of our company, it’s our perception to reach the world with commodities which reflect our culture. We are associated with many manufacturers, seeking the right and transparent way to showcase their handwork achieved by their immense patience, hard work and time. We are one of the trusted key suppliers from East India to various places of Globe where these artists get the true recognition of their hard work.


To Exceed Your expectations at every level of creativity.


To be acclaimed ,Trustworthy and Globally recognised Organization.


Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Commitment, Passion, Innovation, Technology & Leadership.

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