Art is not a handicraft; it is the transmission of feelings the artist has experienced

Our Products

Clay Dolls

Clay doll making is passion personified and an admirable piece of indigenous art.

Dhokra Arts

Dhokra Damar tribes are the traditional metalsmith of West Bengal and Odisha. Their technique of lost wax casting is named after their tribe, hence Dhokra metals casting.

Terracotta Craft

The terracotta craft is one such exclusive craft. The word ‘terracotta’ has been derived from Latin phrase “terra coteta”, which means ‘baked earth’.

Handlooms Garments

The handloom experience (soft, comfortable and durable) is due to the human handling of the yarn in the weaving process. As a result, yarn and the fabric are much less stressed and damaged. Hand woven cotton is known for its breathability as compared to mill made cotton.

Handmade hanging cotton bags (Botua)

Hand crafted bags primarily made of cotton to hold small items. It is a popular accessory often used by women of all ages. Although started with simple cotton fabric, it’s now been decorated in contemporary manner.

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